Our Goal

LegalWin aims to provide the best self-help legal services to those who need it the most. Our company goal is to provide exceptional services that help you with your Small Claims case at low cost. We aim to make our services as accessible as possible, making them available to everyone at any time without exception. We promise that we will strive to ensure that all of our customers get fair, affordable and effective legal self-help so that they can enforce their rights.

What We Provide

Navigating the Small Claims court system can be confusing and frustrating. We offer services to help anyone figure out if they should go through Small Claims to handle their dispute and if so, file and serve their Small Claims lawsuit in 15 minutes or less. Our web application walks anyone, even those with no legal knowledge, through all the necessary steps to save them time, money, and sanity.

All it takes to get started is the information about who you are suing, why, and what for. You shouldn’t need to be a lawyer to enforce your rights. We make sure your lawsuit is filed correctly with your local court so that you can focus on your case.

Our Story

In 2016, our founder needed to handle a dispute with his landlord through Small Claims court in California. After persisting through an eight month ordeal, he realized that the process to file and serve a Small Claims case is prohibitive in terms of both time and money, excluding most people from using this avenue to assert their rights.

With his background in software engineering, he decided that current technology could be instrumental in providing equal access to our court system at large, and that he could make the greatest impact by starting with Small Claims court. By building a simple, step-by-step application to help people go through our court system justice could be made accessible to anyone.

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