What we do

Collect case information

We guide you step-by-step and collect the information needed to file your case. This usually takes around 30 minutes.

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File your case

We use the information you give us to start your case. We'll help determine the correct court and automatically file a case for you.

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Serve your lawsuit

After your case is approved by the court, we handle serving all defendants with the lawsuit.

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Going to court is rough.

We make getting there easy.

E-File in 15 minutes


Easily follow our step-by-step software

We collect and compile the pieces of your case, including:
  • Plaintiffs - Who is suing
  • Defendants - Who is being sued
  • Court location
  • Required case information
  • Service of the lawsuit

We're ready to help you file your Small Claims case.

Let's get started.

E-File in 15 minutes